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Useful Home and Garden Makeover Ideas
Gardening experts give practical and useful home and garden tips online or on TV shows which are very instructive. Incorporate their ideas and suggestions to give your garden a face-lift. Several factors go into creating a beautiful garden. While the size is not very important, proper placement of plants, pathways and garden furniture all combine to create a beautiful garden. (Click Title for Read More.)
7 Top Tips to Keep Your Garden Looking Great
There are very few people who could honestly say that their garden is perfect. A weed here or a deformed plant there can spoil any garden. Making your garden look its best and giving it the best chance to shine isn't really to difficult if you have the right frame of mind and follow a few simple rules. Follow these seven simple tips and you will have your garden looking its best in no time at all. (Click Title for Read More.)

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Holland Wildflower Farm - Offers a wide variety of wildlflower seed.
Tozer Seeds Direct - Vegetable Seeds, Online Vegetable Seed Catalogue - Tozer Seeds Direct - Buy vegetable seeds online direct from Tozer Seeds - the UK's largest independent vegetable seeds breeder.,ohio prairie and native plants and seed - Prairie and native plant seed and plugs, wetland plants and seed, consultation, site preparation, source identified seed, ohio ecotype seed, installation, custom seed mixes, custom growing, etc....
Albright Seed Company - Sells a range of seeds including turf grass, wildflower, shrub and trees.
Aloha Seed and Herb - Supplier of hawaiian papaya seeds and a wide variety of herb, vegetable and tree seeds.
American Meadows/Vt Wildflower Farm - Offers wildflower mixes and species for all regions.
Angelgrove Tree Seed Company - Seeds for Japanese, shade, bonsai and flowering trees, as well as hardy shrubs and shrub roses.
Austral Herbs and Seeds - Commercial growers and suppliers of herb seeds, herb teas, dried medicinal and culinary herbs. All grown organically on the Great Dividing Range of Australia.
Backyard Seed Swapping - Learn plant identification with our beautiful photos, enhance your backyard by swapping seeds, and learn how to propagate seeds for swapping. Its fun, and easy to do.
Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds - Growers and suppliers of non-hybrid seeds.
Barnhaven Primroses - Primulas, Auriculas, Polyanthus, and Sieboldii seeds from primrose specialists near St Sebastien in France. Gold-laced and other rare types.
Bentley Seeds - Promotional seed company, specializing in advertising promotions.
Bountiful Gardens - Sellers of seed for heirloom and open pollinated flowers, vegetables and medicinal and culinary herbs.
Bunton's Seed Co. - A trusted name in the seed, lawn, farm and garden business for nearly 80 years in Louisville, Kentucky.
Burpee Seeds and Plants - Seller of specialty seeds and gardening accessories.
Caribbean Seeds - Sells a range of exotic seeds for herbs, fruits, vegetables, and flowering trees.
Carter Seeds Wholesale Seed Catalog - Sells different varieties of tree, shrub, palm, wildflower, flower and cactus seeds in bulk quantities.
Christie Farms - Provides information on Big Trefoil (Lotus) and offers seed for purchase.
Clyde Robin Seeds - California grower of flower seeds, offering individual species as well as region- and purpose-specific seed mixtures.
Companion Plants - We carry a wide variety of plants, roots, mushroom plugs, and seeds. Order from our 100% secure on-line store. Or, visit our greenhouse located in Coolville, Ohio.
DeMeesters Greenhouse - Sales of open-pollinated vegetable seed.
Digital Raingardens - Offers seeds for a variety of plants, fruits and vegetables, specializing in tropical plants. Information and photos.
Dowdeswell's Delphiniums - Cultivation information, photographs and the opportunity to buy seed for English hybrid type delphinums.
Dutch Faust's Worldwide Exotic Seeds - Rare, exotic and unusual seeds from around the world.
Easyliving Wildflowers - Native wildflower seed for Midwest and Northeast US.
Ed Hume Seeds Garden Site - Specializes in seeds for short seasons and cool climates.
Eden Organic Nursery Services, Inc. - Seeds and supplies for the home gardener. A wide selection of seeds for medicinal plants, tobaccos, tropicals, vines, hot peppers and more.
English Garden Emporium - Importers of Plants of Distinction flower seeds from England. Beautiful and unique varieties. Also lightweight garden troughs, Christmas Crackers and ornamental gardening pots.
Environmental Seed Producers - Large scale distributor and producers of garden flower seeds, native grass seeds and native forbs. List of retail outlets for smaller buyers. - Single source for buying seed from brand name sellers, specialty suppliers and botanical/research gardens.
Evergreen Y.H. Enterprises - California seller offers Oriental vegetable seeds.
Ferry-Morse Seed Company - Offers a wide range of flower, herb, vegetable and lawn seeds.
FineBushPeople - South African grower and seller of protea seeds. Site includes cultivation instructions and other protea information.
Florabunda Seeds - Canadian sellers of wildflower, cottage garden, heirloom and unusual varieties of flowering plants.
Flower Art and Soul - Offers bulk flower seeds at wholesale prices, hard to find flower seeds and native grasses.
Franchi Sementi Seeds - Seeds of Italy are distributors for Franchi Sementi, founded in 1783 by the current owner's great great great grandfather who would sell his seeds from his horse-drawn cart in the local market.
Freshwater Farms - Retail and wholesale native seeds from California.
Garden Makers - Offers unusual perennial and annual flower seed.
Garden Medicinals and Culinaries - Seeds and some plants for medicinal and culinary herbs and other plants. Also sell some flowers and vegetables.
Garden Trails - Sells a selection of seeds, promotional seeds and custom seed packet printing.
Grass Seed Direct - Lawn grass seed for golf courses, parklands, etc. They offer to acquire and select the best available grasses and blend them to your requirements.
Grass Seeds - Offers lawn grass seed and information on growing a new lawn from grass seed.
Green-Seeds Co. - Vietnamese seed company, offering vegetable and flower seeds, some oriental varieties, many F1 hybrids.
GrowingPride - Sellers of tobacco seeds of the TN86 cultivar.
Heirloom Tomato Seeds - Heirloom tomato seeds available along with growing tips and recipes.
Henry Fields Seed Catalog - Sells seeds, perennials, live vegetable plants and trees.
Herbiseed - Grows seeds of wild plants, weeds, pharmaceutical plants and other species, selling them globally.
Hobbs and Hopkins Ltd. - Suppliers of lawn grass seed as well as mixes of grasses and wildflowers for shade, sun and wetlands.
Irish Eyes with a Hint of Garlic - Sells seed potatoes, garlic, shallots and flowering alliums.
J.L.Hudson, Seedsman - Offers a wide selection of rare and uncommon seeds of all types, ornamentals, herbs, heirloom and O.P.vegetables, no Patented varieties.
J.W. Jung Seed Company - Offers seeds, bulbs, root stock, and trees.
John Scheepers Kitchen Garden Seeds - International and heirloom vegetable and culinary herb seeds for the kitchen gardener.
Lawn - Offers lawn seed for specific needs along with wildflowers.
Lonnies Bulk Seeds - A good selection of flower seeds, low-cost packages containing 500 seeds or more.
Magic Flower Seeds - Sells a variety of annual seeds.
Maryland Nursery - Supplier of palm seeds, palm trees, flowers and ornamental plants.
MAS seed specialists - Wildflower seed, bulbs & plug plants. Amenity lawn seed & special agricultural mixtures.
New England Seed Company - Sells flower, herb and vegetable seeds
Nothing-but-seeds - Seeds for palms, Bonsai, cacti, tropicals, trees, vines, sunflowers, peppers, cycads and tomato. Online catalogue, mail order and secure server
Owl's Acre Sweet Peas - UK specialist sells sweet pea seed, both antique and modern varieties, for exhibition and garden.
Park Seed Online - Offers a selection of perennial, vegetable and herb seeds.
Pepper Joe's - Catalog specializing in rare and unusual organic hot pepper seeds.
Peppergal - Over 300 varieties of pepper seeds, plus gourds, tomatoes, herbs.
Pinetree Garden Seeds - Sells a selection of different flower, herb and vegetable seeds.
Plant World Seeds - Sells seeds of hard to find plants from around the world.
Plantation House - UK supplier of virus-free Havana and Virginia seeds for growing smokable tobacco plants. - Seeds, plants, garden supplies, yard decor. Everything for your landscaping needs.
Prairie Frontier - Offers wildflower and prairie grass seed.
Renee's Garden Seeds - Offers unique specialty heirloom and cottage garden flowers, gourmet vegetables and aromatic herb seeds.
Rex's Seed Company - Exotic and unusual plant seeds from around the world.
Richters Herbs - Sells a selection of herb seeds.
Rispens Seeds - Supplier of garden plant and vegetable seeds.
Rmausa - Colorado sellers of wildflower mixes by the pound, each mix being intended for a particular US region. Also sell rapidly growing hybrid trees.
Rocky Mountain Rare Plants - Seed for alpine plants from around the world, with a particular emphasis on the Rocky Mountains and high plains of the Western US. Sells both cultivated seed and seed collected in the wild. Seed list includes provenance.
Round Butte Seed Growers - Sells different varieties of individual wildflower, flower mixes, grass and bird seed.
Sand Mountain - Garden Herb Seed Company - Sells a wide variety of hard to find herb seeds. Each herb seed listed is medicinal in some form or fashion. Many of the plants have beautiful flowers, buds, and leaves. You will enjoy the wide variety of perennial, biennial, & annual herb seeds at this site.
Seed Super Store - Better lawns from better grass seed, adapted to local conditions, mixed to specification. - Seed business serving home gardeners, university botanical departments, and research facilities. Provides online shopping.
Seeds from Italy - US source for Italian vegetable, herb and flower seeds from Franchi Sementi, S.A. of Italy.
Seeds-4u - Flower seeds including Strawflower, Coneflower, Marigold, Zinnia, Bachelor Button and Nasturtium. - Seed Trading Online. - Free site for seed trading and swapping by seed swapper enthusiasts. Also has hints and tips on home gardening.
Select Seeds - Specializing in heirloom varieties of plants popular in the 19th century and before, particularly sweet peas.
Seminis Garden - Wholesale division of a large developer, grower and marketer of vegetable and fruit seeds. Gives links to retail outlets for their seed.
Sheffields Seed Company - Suppliers of trees, shrubs, and flower propagative material.
Shepherd's Garden Seeds - A unique selection of the finest quality seeds for the home gardener.
Silver Falls Seed Company - Wildflower and seed for lawn and garden.
Solana Seeds - Quebec-based firsm offers seed of unusual vegetables and vegetable cultivars as well as popular annual and perennial flower and herb seeds. Ships to US.
Special Plants Nursery - English seller of unusual seeds for annuals, biennials and perennials, both hardy and tender.
Spring Creek Seeds, Inc - Yield Testing for the seed industry since 1981
Stock Seed Farms - Growers of Wildflowers and Prairiegrasses.
Swallowtail Garden Seeds - Offers untreated heirloom and modern vegetable, flower and herb seeds.
Synergy Seeds - Suppliers of strong varieties of garden vegetables, herbs and flowers which have a high production level.
Thai Palm Seeds - Palm seeds available from Thailand.
The Cooks Garden - Offers vegetable and culinary herb seeds, and plants of perennial vegetables.
The Gourmet Gardener - Sells unique herb, vegetable, and edible flower seeds from around the world.
The Great Chilli Farm - Grow your own chilli plants from seed. Site sells pots, soil, eight varieties of chilli seed and detailed growing instructions.
The Palm Seed Center - Online supplier of palm seeds and bareroots palm seedlings in small, retail and wholesale quantities with a choice of online payment methods.
The Seed Centre - Online catalog of vegetable, herb, annual, and perennial seed. Packaged and bulk quantities.
The Tobacco Seed Company - Britain's first dedicated producer and supplier of tobacco seed, operating exclusively through the internet.
The Victory Seed Company - Offers open pollinated and heirloom vegetable, herb, and flower seeds. Gardening information and secure online order system.
Theatrum Botanicum. - Rare and strange plants, many interesting uses noted. For the esoteric gardener who likes a touch of the unusual.
Theodore Payne Foundation for Wildflowers & Native Plants - A nonprofit retail nursery offering California native plants and seeds.
Thompson and Morgan Seeds and Young Plants - Our home page and online catalogues, including thousands of varieties of seeds for sale worldwide. Also Young Plants for sale to the UK.
Tomato Growers Supply Company - Sells a range of different coloured tomatoes and peppers.
Tough Love Chile Company - Chile seeds, books, recipes, and tips.
Underwood Gardens - Specializing in rare, heirloom seeds and endangered varieties of vegetables, herbs and flowers.
Vegetable Seed Warehouse - South Carolina grower of vegetable seeds, including open pollinated and heirloom varieties, specializing in varieties which thrive in the American South.
Vesey's Seeds - Seeds for shorter seasons.
Virtual Seeds Company - Many varieties of seeds including vegetables, flowers, herbs and exotic plants.
Western Native Seed - Colorado seller of Rocky Mountain regional seed mixes as well as seed for individual Western North American plants, including a variety of species of penstemon.
Whatcom Seed Company - Seeds for exotic, especially tropical, as well as black-flowered cultivars.
Whitetail Deer Food Plot Seed - Seed mix intended to attract whitetail deer.
Whitetail Habitat - Habitat improvement, including the planting of food plots and cover plots is the single best way to increase wildlife populations.
Wildflower World - Wildflower seeds and mixtures shipped world wide.
Williams Lawn Seed Inc. - Wholesale Distributor of fine turf grass seed and wildflowers.
Yellow Flag Wildflowers - Wildflower seeds, bulbs and plants native to or naturalized in the British countryside.
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